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B-270 is a commercially available material that has excellent optical transmission. The material comes in drawn form in a variety of thickness & sheet sizes, and the drawn surfaces can be polished to improve the optical performance. Most sheet sizes are about 35 x 66. Contact one of our Application Engineers for further information.

Optical substrates, glazing, image-forming optics, electronics, laboratory and coating substrates. Flatness, parallelism, cutting tolerances, roughness, cosmetic defects and visual inspection all conform to the specifications to be agreed upon by Precision Glass & Optics and the customer.
PROPERTIES Refractive Index nd=1.5230 at 588 nm
MECHANICAL AND       THERMAL Density 2.55g/cm3
Youngs modulus (E) E = 71.5 KN/mm2
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (0-300) = 95 x 10-7/
Dielectric Constant E=7
Dielectric Loss Factor 30*10-4

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