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Zinc Selenide Crystal

Zinc Selenide (Refractive index:2.4028 @10.6m) optics are useful in a wide variety of applications, from infrared radiation collection to laser cutting. The spectral response of ZnSe makes it a particularly good substrate for CO2 laser optics. These optics offer high transmission in the visible range to well past 10 microns, produce good results at 10.6m and are easily visually aligned. This is atypical of other substrates designed for this region. Economically priced, plano-convex lenses are ideal for use in laser cutting and welding, as well as other applications where spot size and image quality are not as critical. Meniscus lenses provide better overall performance than their PCX equivalent by minimizing spherical aberration. This increased performance can be found in lenses that have a f/# of F5 or lower. ZnSe is a crystal material and not as strong as glass substrates, so great care should be taken when handling, mounting and cleaning these lenses. Apply uniform pressure when handling/mounting ZnSe lenses. Tools, including tweezers, should not be used because the substrate easily scratches, cracks, or chips. Latex finger cots and gloves should always be worn when handling and cleaning these lenses to keep from contaminating the substrate or coating.

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)

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ZnSe Crystal