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Tech Spec Amici Roof Prisms

Amci Prisms , also called "roof prisms" or right angle roof prisms,"do two things:invert the time image and bend the line of sight through a 90angle.They are excellent as prism diagonals in optical systems, because they erect the inverted image. Also ideal for use in spotting scopes, and any optical instrument where it is desirable to take an inverted image from an objective,turn it right side up, and bend it through a 90angle, to maintain the correct visual orientation. All Amici prisms have 6 arc second resolution. All dimensions are in mm.
Material: BK7
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: 60-40
Surface Accuracy: 1/2
Angle Tolerance: 5 arc min.
Resolution: 6 arc sec.
Bevel: 0.2mm45
Coating: none

Brewster Prisms
Material: Fused Silica
Clear Aperture: >90%
Surface Quality:
B,C,E and F: 40-20 scratch & dig Other surfaces are fine ground
Flatness: < /8 @ 632.8 nm
Perpendicularity: <0.3 degree
Parallelism: B & F, C & E: <10 seconds
Protective Chamfer: B & C, E & F's border can not be chamfered.
Chip: <0.15mm
No Coating
Rhomboid Prisms
Material: SF11 grade A optical glass
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.2mm
Clear Aperture: >90%
Flatness: </4 @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality: 40-20 scratch & dig
Coating: R<0.2% @ 1550 nm on input & output face(2 faces)
Bevel: 0.2 mm x 45

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