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Dove Prisms
Standard Dove Prisms
High Precision Dove Prisms
Dove Prism is a form of prism invented by H. W. Dove. It resembles half of a common Right-Angle Prism in which a ray entering parallel to hypotenuse face is reflected internally at that face and emerges parallel to its incident direction. One of the incident rays emerges along a continuation of its incident direction, and if the prism is rotated about that ray through some angle, the image rotates through twice that angle. A Dove prism just can be used for parallel light.

This kind prism has another application. The prism is used as a retroreflector. For this application it perform as a Right-Angle Prism that is used 180deflection.

Notes: Other sizes and coatings are available upon request!

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Dove Prisms