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Corner Cube Prisms
Standard Corner Cube Prisms
High Precision Corner Cube Prisms
Nonstandard Corner Cube Prisms
Corner Cube & Assembly
Corner Cube Prisms, which have three mutually perpendicular surfaces and a hypotenuse face, are designed to reflect any ray or beam entered the prism face, regardless of the orientation of the prism, back onto itself. A mirror will only do that at the normal internal angle of incidence. There are three total internal reflections within the corner cube.

  Hollow Retroreflectors 
AZURE supplies precision Hollow Retroreflectors, constructed by assembling three front-surface flat mirrors into a corner cube. The geometry results in a reflected beam that is precisely parallel to the incident beam, independent of the angle of incidence.
The optical path is entirely in air so efficient performance is obtained without antireflection(AR) coatings which limit the operating wavelength range.
Upon requests, AZURE offers different precision up to 2 arc sec deviation and wavefront distortion lambda/10. Contact us freely to discuss your requirements.

Hollow Retroreflectors 


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Corner Cube Prisms