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Double-Convex Lenses
Standard Double-Convex Glass Lenses
High Precision Double-Convex Glass Lenses
Double-Convex Synthetic Fused-Silica Lenses
Nonstandard Double-Convex Lenses

These lenses are primarily used for imaging at close to 1:1, illustrates their function. The convex surfaces of approximately equal to the radius of curvature. The lenses have very low optical aberration at magnifications from 5 to 0.2.At these magnifications, coma, distortion, and chromatic aberrations are minimal.

Because both convex surfaces contribute to the magnifying power, these lenses are available with useful for collecting and refocusing light from a small beams in applications where the length of an optical train spot quality, you should use two lenses; one to collimate the diverging beam, and the second to focus the collimated beam to a small spot. The parameters follow the following formulas:

Notes: Other sizes and coatings are available upon request!

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