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    Adapters for all kinds of rigid endoscopes

   AZURE-1412ED   AZURE-1812ED   AZURE-2212ED
   AZURE-2812ED   AZURE-3512ED

    Adapters for all kinds of semi-right/soft endoscopes

        AZURE-1412EF   AZURE-1812EF   AZURE-2212EF   AZURE-2812EF  

    To meet the growing medical market, AZURE have developed a series of high quality Endoscope TV Adapters, they are connected between optical coupler and camera head of the endoscope, to change the optical signal optical couple into image that the CCD sensor of said camera head can recognize and process.
   Detailed specifications of Standard Adapters is shown as above items, special inquiry or OEM can be availabled upon request.
  • 1/2" Sensor Size
  • High resolution 1.3 mega-pixel
  • Soakable, antifog, anti-alcohol for easy cleaning and sterilization
  • Standard C-mount, suitable to connect C-mount cameras, and for CS mount cameras simply add a C/CS adapter ring is OK.
   If you have question about products please contact us by telephone,fax,e-mail or air mail to discuss your applications.  
   We will offer you innovative and yet costs-effective lenses solutions.

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