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AZURE-355nm UV Solid State Laser

  1DPSS Q-switched ultraviolet laser

    AZURE-P355F / 0.1~15uJ / 1~50mW     AZURE-P355W / 5~10uJ / 100~800mW                                                            
 1DPSS CW UV ultraviolet laser           AZURE-P355UV / 1~20mW


AZURE-355 nm beam splitting principle

AZURE-355 UV Laser

AZURE-355 UV Laser

AZURE-P355F / 0.1~15uJ / 1~50mW
Item NO  AZURE-P355F     Transverse mode   Near TEM00
 Wavelength(nm)  3551  Pointing stability after warm-up(mrad) <0.05
Output average power(mW)  150  Beam parameters  Elliptical(4:1),Beam  spot2mm
Operating mode  Frequency conversion of  Q-switched pulsed laser  Polarization ratio  >100:1
Single pulse energy(J)  0.115  Beam height from base plate(mm)  45
Pulse duration(ns)


 Operating temperature()  1035
Peak power(W)  10  Power supply(90-264VAC)  AZURE-PSF-FDA 
Warm-up time (minutes)  <10  Expected lifetime(hours)  10000
Ave power stability(over 4 hours)  <5%,<10%  Warranty period  1 year
Rep.rate(kHz)  Controllable   Specified One rep.rate,such as 1k,2k,3k,up to 5kHz,with stable laser pulses emitting (stable pulse energy,peak,duration and period).
 Different reo.rate in the range of 1Hz-5kHz can be obtained by input an extemal TTL signal.
 Uncontrollable  Undefined rep.rate among 5k-20kHz and unstabh\le laser pulse emitting.Suitable for the applications only needing high peak power pulses.
Average power(mW)  Average power (mW)=Single pulse energy(J)* Rep.rate(kHz)
Remarks Note:because of the Walk-off effect of Nonlinear crystals,the beam quality of UV Laser is not so good as that of 1064/532nm Laser
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