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Machine Vision Filters
As an important accessory for machine vision, filters can largely enhance the work effciency of your complicated vsion systems. AZURE offers you the full spectrum range of filters in different types, such as, long pass filters, band pass filters, etc. All filters are made in house with standard sizes which are directly worked with AZURE megapixel lenses or other brand lenses. We also can do custom coating design upon your request.
Color Bandpass Filters Infrared Pass / Visible Block Filters 
  AZURE - BP525 - Light Green Bandpass 525nm   AZURE - LP830 - IR Longpass 830nm
AZURE - BP465 - Blue Bandpass 465nm AZURE - BP850 - IR Bandpass 850nm
  AZURE - BP635 - Light Red Bandpass 635nm AZURE - LP920 - IR Longpass 920nm
  AZURE - BP660 - Dark Red Bandpass 660nm AZURE - LP950 - IR Longpass 950nm
  AZURE - LP1000 - IR Longpass 1000nm
Others Types  
Stock Sizes  


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