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AZURE newly developed OEM laser module core for customers' request. As the OEM components, it has many advantages and has a wide range of applications.
We seal the laser diode, laser cavity and optics together in optimized design. Customers can assemble the temperature control or suitable heat sink for the laser module core based on their needs. The PC board can be offered upon customer's request.

OEM Laser

  • high efficiency
  • ultra small dimension
  • high compatibility
  • low cost and easy-to-integrate

>> OEM Laser module core
   Blue Laser at 457nm / 473nm Green Laser at 532nm
     AZURE-OEM-473Hnm / 1~600mW       AZURE-OEM-532Hnm / 1~1200mW
     AZURE-OEM-457Nnm / 1~2000mW    AZURE-OEM-532Nnm / 1500~5000mW
     AZURE-OEM-457Wnm / 3000~8000mW    AZURE-OEM-532Wnm / 5000~12000mW




   Red Laser at 635nm / 655nm /671nm
     AZURE-OEM-635Hnm / 1~1000mW  AZURE-OEM-671Nnm / 1500~2500mW
     AZURE-OEM-655Hnm / 1~1500mW  AZURE-OEM-671Wnm / 3000~4000mW
     AZURE-OEM-671Hnm / 1~1200mW  

AZURE-OEM-635 /655nm


   Other available wavelengths with OEM lasers
Wavelength (nm) Power(mW)
OEM-H series OEM-N series OEM-W series
556 1-200 500-1000 1500-2000
556 1-80 100-300 400-800
1064 1-3000 4000-5000 6000-20000
Please note: Any other wavelengths can be offered upon customers' request.

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