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AZURE supplies diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers, diode laser modules and laser pointers & portable lasers, widely used for interferometry, biomedical applications, education, fluorescence, laser shows, inspection, material processing and other various industrial applications. We have a series of standard designs of CW, modulated and Q-switched laser modules, ranging from UV, VIS to IR wavelengths.
Our lasers are certified by ISO9001, FDA, CE, JQA and ROHS.
For customers' requirements, AZURE also supplies laser components and accessories. They cover laser collimating lens systems, laser focusing lens systems, laser optics, filters, laser power meters, laser line generators, RGB beam combiners, laser shades and fibers for laser coupling.
Upon requests, AZURE can offer you strong supports in laser devices designs, optical coatings, devices fabrication, system integrations and component assemblies.
If you need our supports, please contact us freely. We will offer you high quality yet competitive price lasers.

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