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AZURE-RG532&655nm Multicolor Portable Laser

Portable laser AZURE-RG532&655nm is made features of small size, high outputpower, long lifetime, and special safety design to ensure security, which can emit three different colors, including green, red and yellow.

1 Specification
  Item NO  AZURE-RG532&655nm
 Wavelength(nm)  5321, 65510  Switch  Push button
 Output power(mw)  1120mW,optional  Surface color  Black/Silver
 Transverse mode  TEM00  Range in darkness(m)  5000  10000
 Operating mode


 Power supply  1"NO.18650"Li batteries
 Beam divergence,full angle(mard)  <1.5  Operating  lifetime(hours)  5000  10000
 Beam diameter at 4 meters away(mm)  8  Warranty

 6 months

 Remark LED indicator,remote connector and key switch are available

AZURE-RG(Green light)

AZURE-RG(Red light)

AZURE-RG(Yellow light)

1 Dimensions                                                                                                                                    Accessory



1"NO.18650"Li batteries and charger

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