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Fused Silical
Fused Silica offers the same thermal, physical and mechanical properties which are typical of all fused silica, including being colorless and having excellent transmission in the UV. This material is ideal for optical reference flats, test plates, structural members and high temperature view ports where fused silica properties such as low CTE are desired. It is available in substrate and optical (higher homogeneity) grades.

Fused silica can be used where resistance to radiation darkening is required, such as in space or as longterm passive energy collectors. Flatness, parallelism, cutting tolerances, roughness, cosmetic defects and visual inspection all conform to the specifications to be agreed upon by Precision Glass & Optics and the customer.
  PROPERTIES Refractive Index nd= 1.45840 at 589.3 nm
  MECHANICAL AND       THERMAL Density 2.20g/cm3
Youngs modulus (E) 7.24 GPa @ 25
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (0-200) = 5.7 x 10-7/
Melting point 2040
Thermal Conductivity (25) 1.38 W/m
Specific Heat (25) 0.177 cal/gm
Thermal Diffusivity (25) 7.5 x 10-3 cm2/sec.
Log10 Volume Resistivity @250 11.8 ohm-cm
Dielectric Constant (20, 1 MHz) 3.80
Loss tangent (20, 1 MHz) 0.0010%

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