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Float Glass
BOROFLOAT flat glass has excellent optical characteristics because of the high quality resulting from the float glass process. BOROFLOAT is a excellent equivalent to PYREX, this opens up new applications for borosilicate flat glass which has proved itself over time in laboratories, chemical processing plants, and in the home appliance and lighting industries. BOROFLOAT flat glass is highly resistant to water, neutral, acidic and saline solutions, as well as to chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. Even over long periods of time and at temperatures above 100C, BOROFLOAT exceeds the chemical resistance of most metals and other materials. Maximum long term operating temperature is 450oC.

Precision engineering, optical applications, home appliances, environmental technology, sewage treatment technology and lighting. Flatness, parallelism, cutting tolerances, roughness, cosmetic defects and visual inspection all conform to the specifications to be agreed upon by Precision Glass & Optics and the customer.
PROPERTIES Refractive Index nd= 1.472 at 588 nm
MECHANICAL AND        THERMAL Density 2.22g/cm3
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (20-300) = 32.5 x 10-7/
Dielectric Constant (25, 1 MHz) 4.6
Dielectric Loss Factor (25, 1 MHz) 37x 10-4
Dielectric Strength (Kv/mm thick) 16@23

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